The UKPRP funders have agreed to commit over £50 million to support research into the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This will initially be achieved by supporting two types of award: Consortia and Networks. Further details on each award type are provided below.

Consortia awards provide substantial, long-term investment (£4-7 million for five years for each consortium) to support novel combinations of partners, including, where appropriate, industry (such as commercial/business partners), representing a range of academic disciplines and undertaking interdisciplinary research addressing a specific challenge in the primary prevention of NCDs. These groups will develop research strategies with users, for example policy makers, practitioners, civil society groups, health providers, the public, who may be part of the consortium, for the generation and implementation of new knowledge. The thinking behind consortia is that drawing together teams of experts from different disciplines and sectors, and including users, should enable researchers to capitalise on a range of expertise to develop novel research into high-quality interventions that can deliver change at a population level.

Network awards will build new interdisciplinary communities of researchers and users around a broad NCD primary prevention research challenge and support networking activity. This award aims to support interactions between diverse disciplines and users to exchange expertise, scientific insights and capability as the network generates a shared vision around its chosen NCD prevention challenge. Each network award will fund the operating costs of the network (£100k per year for up to four years). While a small proportion of the grant can be used to pump prime new research collaborations, applicants should note that the funding provided is not for primary research. Network awards are intended to develop future capacity in the UK to address NCD prevention challenges. We expect networks will lead to new collaborative interdisciplinary research proposals on preventing NCDs.

Call for proposals

There is currently no open funding call to apply for UKPRP funding. You can see the awards we funded under Call 1 and Call 2 in the What We Fund section.

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