Several groups work together to deliver the UKPRP. The initiative is governed by the Funders Executive Group (FEG) which comprises representatives from each of the 12 funding partners. The FEG sets the strategic direction of the UKPRP; decides the final portfolio of awards in each funding round; agrees a process for monitoring all awards; and ensures the best use of the UKPRP funding.

The FEG takes advice from the following groups:

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB is comprised of independent, international experts across a range of academic disciplines and policy/practitioner sectors. It provides strategic and scientific oversight of the initiative, including on the configuration of researchers required for delivering the scientific objectives of the UKPRP. The SAB is also responsible for monitoring progress of the funded teams and the delivery of UKPRP’s objectives. The Board also advises the FEG on areas of investment to facilitate cross-working between the funded teams.

Membership of the UKPRP SAB:

Expert Review Group (ERG)

The ERG is responsible for evaluating all funding applications received under the UKPRP calls, including interviewing applicants, and advising the FEG on awards and the level of funding that should be awarded.  Membership of ERG Panels under the first funding round can be found on the MRC website.

Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup (MESG)

The MESG’s role was to recommend to the FEG a framework for monitoring and evaluating the UKPRP and to advise on its implementation.

Membership of the MESG:

  • Dr Ian Viney, Medical Research Council (Chair of the MESG)
  • Dr Mary De Silva, Wellcome
  • Professor David Hunter, Newcastle University
  • Dr Alex Hulkes, ESRC
  • Dr Ruth Jepson, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Catherine Law, University College London
  • Dr Jane Moore, Coventry City Council

More information can be found in the UKPRP’s Impact and Evaluation Framework.

UKPRP Secretariat

The UKPRP Secretariat supports the FEG and all other advisory groups in carrying out their respective roles. The Secretariat comprises a Programme Manager and a Science Manager.