UKPRP Researchers Collaborating with Industry Guidance on Policy and Procedures

This initiative aims to develop new knowledge and interventions that are robust because they take account of complexity in systems and address the upstream determinants of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). To help ensure impact, UKPRP will support new interdisciplinary research partnerships and this potentially could include a range of industry sectors.

Collaborations between academia and some industry sectors (e.g. engineering and design, pharmaceutical industry and the health technology sector) have a strong track record of productive working relationships. However, academic/industry collaboration in prevention and public health is not as well developed, despite the potential for industry to improve health as well as cause harm. Importantly, in the area of prevention, industry should be a key sector in providing unique expertise and access to facilities, data and technology, to lead to more impactful and robust findings.

The purpose of this guidance is to empower academia to work in partnership with industry where there are benefits for public health, by ensuring that academic scientists have the freedom to operate independently of the industry partner and that such collaborations are managed in an open and transparent way. Procedures in this guidance will also ensure that collaborations with industry funded by UKPRP grants, meet regulatory requirements.

Download the UKPRP Researchers Collaborating with Industry guidance (PDF, 783KB).

We are aware of developing interest in this area and welcome others using this guidance, however we ask that you cite the guidance when doing so using the descriptor “UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP). 2018. Researchers Collaborating with Industry – Guidance on Policy and Procedures. Version 1.0 (June, 2018)”.

The guidance is based on four fundamental principles which set out high level expectations for how UKPRP researchers should work with industry. We do not intend to change the principles nor the collaboration agreement at its heart, but the guidance can evolve. We are very interested in helpful suggestions that could improve this document and you can send comments to the UKPRP Secretariat. We intend to review the guidance document at least once a year or more often if required

Applicants will be required to submit industry collaboration agreements and heads of terms as part of a full application to the UKPRP, and declare interests as part of openness and transparency. Please complete and submit the following templates as part of your application:

Impact and Evaluation Framework

The funding partners and the Scientific Advisory Board for the UKPRP recognised the need for a process to:

  1. monitor the performance and outputs of UKPRP research consortia and networks;
  2. monitor progress towards delivering the objectives of the UKPRP;
  3. evaluate the overall impact of the initiative, including how well the funders worked together.

An Impact and Evaluation Framework which addresses these points was developed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Sub-Group.

Download the UKPRP Impact and Evaluation Framework (PDF, 884KB).

Information and networking event (2019)

On 3 September 2019 a second call for proposals was launched. To support this call the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) held an Information and Networking event on 24 September 2019 to communicate the priorities of the second call; to describe the application process; and to provide opportunities for networking to explore research collaborations. The event was attended by a wide variety of researchers and users in person and online via a livestream of the proceedings. Download the agenda of the meeting (PDF, 51KB). Slides and recordings from the meeting are available below.