The UKPRP Prevention Research Network (formally known as the Community of Practice) is a forum to share ideas, opportunities and challenges across the prevention research community. By exploring our experiences, we can learn from one another, and together, to improve our ways of working to support non-communicable disease prevention.

The PRN provides a place to share learning across topics of mutual interest. This network evolves from a Community of Practice, and so aims to be iterative and responsive to the needs of the group at its core. Over time, we will continue to build a body of publicly available knowledge, methods and tools to share learning with each other and the wider prevention research community.

UKPRP Prevention Research Network objectives

  • Continue and expand forums for joined-up conversations and reflection across multiple Networks/Consortia and the wider prevention research community on specific topics of new or ongoing shared interest (‘Interest Groups’, formerly known as Development Themes), to compare and review current practice, avoid duplication and add value beyond that which could be achieved by working separately;
  • Expand on the existing body of knowledge, methods, and supporting resources (e.g. templates, processes, briefing papers, presentations, best practice guides, frameworks, tools and toolkits) to enhance the effectiveness and societal impact of UKPRP-funded and other prevention research in current and new Interest Group areas.
  • Communicate and disseminate these outputs widely to support other interdisciplinary, systems informed research collaborations that inform and enable upstream prevention of NCDs.

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Ruth Dundas

Co-Principal Investigator (MatCHNet Network)

University of Glasgow

Professor of Social Epidemiology, MRC/CSO Public Health Sciences Unit

Niamh Fitzgerald

Co-Principal Investigator (SPECTRUM Consortium)

University of Stirling

Director of the Institute for Social Marketing & Health

Jack Martin

Research Fellow

University of Stirling

Our Interest Groups