Visual identity guidelines

The UKPRP visual identity, including name and logo, must be preserved in all communications and publicity. Our UKPRP Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF, 2.7MB) provide information on the visual and technical presentation for the initiative and define when and how the different UKPRP logos should be used. The guidelines apply to all external communications, including but not limited to, printed and digital materials, press releases and any other interactions with the media/journalists, scientific publications and posters, conference and other presentations, and engagement with the public.

Recipients of UKPRP funding can use the UKPRP logo on communications, according to the requirements outlined in the guidelines.

Please email the Secretariat ( proofs of any pages or materials using a UKPRP logo for our approval before publication or circulation. You should include a brief description of what you’re using the logo for. Please allow at least two days’ notice for logo approval.

Download the UKPRP logos in JPG, PNG or EPS format.