The Medical Research Council (MRC) has published a report on the UK landscape of prevention research. The report analyses data collected by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration on the primary prevention funding portfolio of the major UK health research funders. A key objective of the project was to help inform the strategic direction of further investment by the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP).

Dr Catherine Moody, Head of Population Health at MRC and Chair of the UKPRP Funders Executive Group said:

“The profile of prevention research in 2018 in the report provides a baseline against which future spend on prevention research can be measured and highlights the ongoing importance of the UK Prevention Research Partnership’s research priorities.”

Dr David Crosby, Head of Prevention and Early Detection Research at Cancer Research UK and member of the UKPRP Funders Executive Group said:

“The data in this report reinforces the value of the UK Prevention Research Partnership in helping the UK’s capability to deliver innovative improvements in human health by addressing the social and environmental drivers of non-communicable diseases like cancer.”

The analysis was undertaken on behalf of MRC by the MRC’s Population Health Sciences Group (PHSG). Professor Nick Wareham, Director of the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge and Chair of MRC’s Population Health Sciences Group; and Dr Gavin Malloch, MRC Programme Manager for Public Health Partnerships, have written a blog to say more about why this project is important and what they found.

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