This groundbreaking event welcomed participants from UKPRP-funded groups and the broader prevention research and stakeholder community.

Dedicated to showcasing Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention research, the conference featured contributions from UKPRP-funded consortia and networks, as well as the wider landscape of UK prevention research. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions on emerging research practices, fostering collaborations between academics and public or policy stakeholders, optimising impact, exploring systems approaches, and navigating the challenges of managing large-scale prevention research projects.

Funded by UKPRP, the conference offered complimentary attendance to early career researchers and policy partners. The overwhelming response was reflected in the high attendance, with the Royal Society of Edinburgh venue filled to capacity.

Thank you to attendees for being a part of this milestone event in advancing prevention research for a healthier future.

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RECORDINGS from the CONFERENCE are available below.

UK Prevention Research Conference 2023 opening 

Opening of the UK Prevention Research Conference by Prof Niamh Fitzgerald, Dr Catherine Moody, Ms Jenni Minto MSP and Prof Sandro Galea, Boston University School of Public Health

  1. Wellcome and Housekeeping. Prof Niamh Fitzgerald, co-PI UKPRP Community of Practice.
  2. Wellcome Address. Dr Catherine Moody, Chair of the UKPRP Funders Executive Group. (at 5:44)
  3. Opening Address. Ms Jenni Minto MSP, The Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health. (at 11:45)
  4. Keynote Presentation: Within reason? Ensuring public health matters in coming decades. Professor Sandro Galea. (at 27:35)

DAY 1. UKPRP Consortia Panel Session.

Prof Ruth Dundas, Co-PI UKPRP Community of Practice, leads conversation with UKPRP consortia PIs – Prof Gene Feder, VISION; Prof Ruth Hunter, GroundsWell; Prof Tim Hobbs, Kailo; Prof Linda Bauld, SPECTRUM, Prof Petra Meier, SIPHER and Prof John Wright, ActEarly.

DAY 2. UK Prevention Research Conference 2023 Keynote Presentation by Alison Cox, NCD Alliance.

Alison Cox, Director of Policy & Advocacy, NCD Alliance, presents: “A World Out There: NCD Prevention Research in the Global Health Policy Agenda”.

UK Prevention Research Conference 2023 Closing Remarks.

Prof Ruth Dundas, Co-PI UKPRP Community of Practice, closes the conference.