The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) has featured in a Reformer Thoughts report entitled ‘A new deal for prevention’. The report brings together experts from the scientific research community and the health care sector to discuss the benefits of a preventative approach to public health and the obstacles that stand in the way of its realisation.

Dr Katherine Dunne, UKPRP Secretariat said:

“The Reformer Thoughts report, A new deal for prevention, highlights the need for prevention research and the implementation of preventative strategies for health and wellbeing. UKPRP plays an important role in funding innovative research to improve population health and reduce health inequalities through the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases. Our research consortia and networks are exploring the common upstream determinants of health in areas such as environment, commerce, urban planning, food systems and trade.”

The report was produced by Reform, a think tank for public service reform, in collaboration with MSD. The Reformer Thoughts series aims to give a platform to innovative ideas and facilitate an open and informed conversation about how we can improve public services.

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