Led by

Prof. Niamh Fitzgerald

Director of the Institute for Social Marketing & Health

University of Stirling

Dr Lauren Carters-White

Lecturer in Public Health

University of Stirling

Theme overview

To share, compare and reflect on network and consortia approaches to managing interactions with and interference by commercial sector organisations and to consider existing and parallel developments on management of research interactions with the commercial sector. To support and reflect on best practice in these matters.

Commercial Interactions in NCD Prevention Research: Decision-making & Governance webinar

This webinar was held in November 2022. Dr Katherine Cullerton, from The University of Queensland, presented research and guidance regarding decisions involving research engagement with commercial organisations. Professor Jonathan Marks, from Penn State University, presented on the main themes from his book (‘The Perils of Partnership’) and other literature to illustrate some of the potential risks of industry collaboration, drawing on examples from food and pharmaceutical industries.